Specials Programs

With an ever changing market and increased pressure on reduced stock holding, TRT and costs, IMT Aviation is acutely aware of the issues surrounding Airlines, Operators and supporting companies and are continually working to reduce their exposure.

This has lead to IMT Aviation making strategic purchases on some flying surface and nacelle material to support customers in urgent or AOG situations. This in conjunction with the work we have completed in parallel with some of our current customers design teams has resulted in us being able to offer:

  • LTA support across Nacelles, Surfaces and Flying surfaces with component pool for urgent situations.
  • Spread repair costs on core capabilities (structures, nacelles and flying surfaces) through repair agreements based on flying hours.
  • R.E. Development to reduce cost and TRT times.
  • Part 21 Developed repairs for out of limits and high cost damage.
  • PMA development through partnering with experienced manufacturers.
  • On wing repairs for AOG requirements, reducing down time.

The IMT ethic is to reduce cost and turn time without compromising on quality.

We are also interested in partnering with airlines, operators, stockists and after-sale companies looking to make the best use of their spare flying surface material, helping us to support our customers.